Meet the Team The Roaming Designers

RoamingDesigners400This week we take a closer look at Archant Awards finalists, The Roaming Designers

Who are the Roaming Designers?
The roaming designers are a bespoke design service that travels around the business helping support the sales team across the Archant portfolio.The team is made up of designers from different parts of the APS – Lee Protheroe, Samantha Lowry, Alison Dickens, Lewis Dellar-Witt, Brendan Allis, Hollie Craske, Carla Wiggins and Steve Drake.

Where are you based?
The team is based in Norwich but each designer has their own territory:
Lee – North
Samantha – London
Alison – South East
Lewis – South West
Hollie and Brendan – East
Carla – Derbyshire
Steve – Weston-Super-Mare

What services do you provide?
The roaming designers provide client consultations and advice to help advertisers gain the most from their advertising and campaign-bookings. This can be done face-to-face by making regular visits to the territories or from Norwich via a video link. We are perfect for seminar support, designing new campaigns and re-invigorating a client’s brand.

How can we get in touch with you?
A roaming designer can be requested by contacting, calling Lee Protheroe (01603 772837) or Andrew Woollacott (01603 772869) or alternatively via our new request form on Connect.

Tell us some fun facts about your team
One of us once skied for the women’s RAF ski team when she was just 8 years old.
Also, one of us is running the 2016 London Marathon in April.

Photo – from left to right: Lee Protheroe, Carla Wiggins, Samantha Lowry, Brendan Allis, Steve Drake (picture), Hollie Craske, Lewis Dellar-Witt and Alison Dickens.