PDF 1.3 (PDF/X-1a compliant) All transparency and layers flattened CMYK Colour only (No spot colour or RGB) Newsprint image resolution 200dpi Newsprint Lineart resolution 1200dpi Magazine image resolution 300dpi Magazine […]

Please note

PDF v1.4 and above are not supported CMYK colour only. All RGB images will be colour corrected and enhanced automatically by our image enhancement software. No transparency or layers Text in […]

Not recommended

The applications below are not suitable for creating press ready adverts as they are not NOT PostScript compatible.  Text and logos will reproduce soft and pixellated.  Black text will be converted to […]

PDF 1.3 / PDF X-1a

Adverts submitted to Archant must be saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF v1.3), preferably from Acrobat Distiller, QuarkXPress or InDesign and be PDF/X-1a compliant.  PDF versions higher than v1.3 […]


All colour elements of your advert must be in the CMYK colour space.  RGB, Spot colour, Indexed colour, Patterned or Lab colour space will be automatically converted to CMYK when […]


Newspaper image resolution at 200 dpi in CYMK colour mode using ISOnewspaper26v4.icc profile Magazine image resolution at 300 dpi in CYMK colour mode using ISOCoated v2 300% (ECI).icc profile.


All fonts must be embedded and subset when creating PDF files.  Fonts should be PostScript Type1, TrueType or OpenType. Black text must be specified as 100% K (Black) only and […]


Please ensure all elements including any TIFFs, JPEGs, or EPS images within your file do not exceed the CMYK Total Ink Percentage of 240% for newsprint / 300% for magazine.  […]


Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) are allocated to every advertisement booked on our system. They are the eight-digit number by which we identify the files we receive and match them with […]


We have a small team that chases up outstanding copy, although it is the advertiser’s responsibility to submit copy on time and to specification. If we don’t receive copy by […]