Production Guidelines


  • PDF 1.3 (PDF/X-1a compliant)
  • All transparency and layers flattened
  • CMYK Colour only (No spot colour or RGB)
  • Newsprint image resolution 200dpi
  • Newsprint Lineart resolution 1200dpi
  • Magazine image resolution 300dpi
  • Magazine Lineart resolution 2400dpi
  • All fonts embedded and subset
  • Advert dimensions for Newspaper
  • Advert dimensions for Magazines

Convert all colour to CMYK using these ICC profiles:- Newspaper profile: ISOnewspaper26v4.icc (IFRA26 Max TAC 240%) Magazine profile: ISOcoated v2 300% (ECI).icc (FOGRA39L Max TAC 300%)

Please note

  • PDF v1.4 and above are not supported
  • CMYK colour only.
  • All RGB images will be colour corrected and enhanced automatically by our image enhancement software.
  • No transparency or layers
  • Text in adverts output as Jpeg will reproduce poor
  • DO NOT include white space, registration marks, colour bars or other furniture on copy for newspaper adverts
  • No MS Publisher (.pub) files

Not recommended

Although our printers require PDF 1.3 files preferably from InDesign, Quark or Distiller there are literally hundreds of different ways to procude a PDF – some good, some not so good. The applications below are not suitable for creating press ready adverts as they are not NOT PostScript compatible.  Text and logos will reproduce soft and pixellated.  Black text will be converted to 4 colour black, which could result in unexpected colours when printed.
  • Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher
  • Pages for Mac
  • Canva or Cairo
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Archant recommends Pass4Press guidelines for producing an industry-standard PDF file for printing in the magazine sector.
Download the Guidelines here

Useful Links & Downloads

PDF Job Options

Download our ready to use PDF export settings for Adobe InDesign.
These settings have been prepared to assist you in producing publication ready PDF files for both Magazine and Newsprint.  To install the export settings into Adobe InDesign, goto File / Adobe PDF Presets / Define / Load


Recommended ICC Profiles

ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc used for Magazine
ISOnewspaper26v4.icc used for Newsprint

Job Options for InDesign

Job Options for InDesign

Perfect PDFs

Don’t be fooled by screen brightness

Gamut-Mapping-grey-backgroundOur computer monitors, tablets, phones and camera LCDs are all backlit devices. They will always display our images brighter than any physical print. Be sure to correct for this on a calibrated screen, otherwise your prints may end up much darker than you expect.  To get an idea of how your advert will look in print, be sure to soft proof your advert to either ISOnewspaper 26v4 or ISO Coated v2 300% on a correctly calibrated screen.  More on this in our Colour Guide and view the latest online version here

Archant Colour Guide

Archant Colour Guide

Perfect Colour


Archant uses and recommends Callas pdfToolbox for preflight checks and fixups

Help & Advice

Archant Print

Archant Print

My PDF has random lines all over it?

Atomic regions are “stitch” lines (dotted or solid) where transparency has been flattened. More info

Archant Print

Archant Print

Screen Calibration and Softproofing

Having problems getting your screen to match your printed adverts? Calibration and soft-proofing could be the simple answer. More info

Archant Print

Archant Print

When Black doesn't print black?

Don’t get caught out using the wrong type of black in your adverts. Everything you need to know about black… More info



QR Code Guidelines

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and smart phones.  Learn how to use them here 

Archant Print

Archant Print

Baffled by Bleed?

Bleed is the area of artwork that is extended beyond the actual dimensions of the document. It is used to avoid strips of white paper showing on the edges of your full page magazine print should the batch be misaligned when cut to size. More info



Colour Guide

Need help with Colour Spaces, Gamut, Ink Weight (TAC), Fonts & Type recommendations, Image Quality, Resolution or Focaltones? Our colour guide could be just what you’re after.



Adobe InDesign Settings

Creating a full page advert for one of our glossy publications? Here’s the correct way to do it



Adobe InDesign Export Settings

Need help in exporting your Adobe InDesign advert to our printers specifications (PDF 1.3)?
InDesign Export Settings for Magazine
InDesign Export Settings for Newspaper

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